"The transformation in my dogs' overall health since adding this chew to their diet has been remarkable. Their digestion is perfect , their energy levels have increased, and they seem happier than ever before."

-Mindy, Mom of 2 Labrador Retrievers

Probiotics for Dogs - Soft Chews for Gut Health

Probiotic Chews

2,500+ TrustPilot Reviews

Tasty chews made with power-packed probiotics for dogs. Supporter of digestive health, healthy yeast production & environmental allergies.

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"It balances your dog's gut health so your pet can have healthy digestion,skin & coat"

Dr. Julia Harris, DVM, Vet Consultant

  • Probiotics: A Proprietary Blend

    A Powerful & effective blend of 3 probiotics. These good bacteria help balance the gut.

  • Galactooligosaccharides (GOS)

    Promoter of good bacteria that helps maintain optimum digestive functions

  • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

    Benefits gut health and promotes a balance microbiome

  • Blend of Yeast

    3 strains of yeast is blend together to maintain the gut microflora in your dog's gut.

Be the gifter of health & comfort for your dog

Maintainer of gut health

Intermittent itching is dealt with

Optimizer of skin & coat comfort

Helps with seasonal allergies

Supports stronger immune system

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The catalyst for your dog's better health and comfort! Try America's best-selling Probiotic Chew for dogs. Infused with power-packed probiotics for balanced gut health, healthy digestion and stronger immunity. It protects them against environmental allergies. Your dog will love our pork-flavored soft chews.


Directions For Use

Not for human consumption. Keep away from children & animals. Incase of accidental overdose, contact a vet immediately. Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Tub should be resealed after use.


Inactive Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Chickpea, Coconut Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Dried Brewer's Yeast, Hickorry Smoke Flavor, Lecithin, Maltodextrin, Pork Liver, Rosemary Extract, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Potato

Caution: If pet's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product usage and consult your veterinarian. Safe use in pregnant animals/animals intended for breeding has not been proven.


An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product. Absorption of drugs taken simultaneously may be delayed.

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Why Is Our Probiotic Unique?


  • #1 American Brand

    Premium quality chews for our dogs with globally sourced ingredients!

  • Comprehensive Research & Development

    Absolut Pet has worked hand-in-hand with dog experts & pet scientists to solve the pressing gut issues your dog faces.

  • Advanced Formula

    Contains proprietary blend of ingredients for efficacy. Supports seasonal allergies & balanced gut health.

  • Seasonal Allergies

    By building a healthy gut microbiome and immunity, our probiotic chews can support your puppy's resistance to allergies.


Rated 4.6

Rated 4.1

Rated 4.3

Rated 4.6

Hear from our pet parents!

reviews from Trustpilot

Jason B.

He has better bowel movement

The carefully selected probiotics in this chew have made a noticeable difference in my dog's health. No more stool issues, which is a great achievement considering Vixen tried 20 other chews before this with no help! I've subscribed.



I am grateful...

Lea has more energy and is eating well again. She had lost so much weight I was worried! But these chews have restored her gut health.



This dog chew has been a game-changer !

As my dog enters his senior years, it is crucial to provide him with a diet that supports his aging body. This probiotic has helped maintain his digestion and energy levels.


Loaded with high quality ingredients

Probiotics: A Proprietary Blend

3 billion CFU

A Powerful & effective blend of 3 probiotics. These good bacteria help balance the gut.

Galactooligosaccharides (GOS)


Promoter of good bacteria that helps maintain optimum digestive functions.

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)


Promotes a balanced microbiome benefiting gut health. Improves bowel movement.

Postbiotic Blend Of Yest


Benefits gut health and promotes a balance microbiome and healthy immune system.

We’re a whole different breed.

It’s easy to see why Absolut Pet is recommended #1 by vets and owners. The powerful ingredients in each tasty chew can support your dog’s digestive system, letting them live a comfortable, healthy, and active lifestyle

Absolut Pet Probiotic Chews

Other Brands

Properietary Probiotic Blend

Galactooligosaccharides (GOS)

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

Postbiotic Blend of Yeast

Pet-loving formulation

High digestibility


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age of pups that can consume this probiotic?

We recommend introducing this probiotic chew to your pup post 12+ weeks of age. It is suitable for all dog breeds.

What makes Absolut Pet's chews different from other probiotic powders?

Our Probiotic chews are mess-free and convenient to handle (no more measuring or mixing). you can introduce it in place of a treat, making it healthy for your dog's gut health. this will have your dog look forward to his/her healthy chew.

How will my dog benefit from probiotic chews?

Consistent intake of probiotics can support your dog's gut health, immune system, and help with seasonal and environmental allergies. Probiotics contribute to a balanced gut flora, which is crucial for overall health and well-being.

Is it for ALL dogs? Or are there any dietary restrictions?

Absolut Pet's probiotic chews are for all dog breeds from 12+ weeks of age. In the case that your dog has certain allergies, please do consult with your vet before administering this chew to your dog.

What if I accidentally feed too many chews to my dog?

In this case, please have your vet see your dog immediately. If you're confused as to how many chews to give your dog, please see the Feed Guide above.

Are the probiotic chews safe for my dog with kidney disease?

We ensure all our products are packed with clean and high-quality ingredients. Please do consult your vet before administering our chews to your dog in this case. 

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