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Why Dogs Develop Yeast, What It Means & How To Help

Learn the truth about your dog’s yeast & how to help with a powerful vet-reviewed chew - backed by over 23,000 5-star reviews

23/06/2024, by T Mason, AbsolutPet Managing Head

Discover why 3 million+ dogs are tail-waggingly happy thanks to Absolut Pet.

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If your dog keeps licking their paws, scratching, shaking their head – or if their irritated parts smell bad – they may have a sporadic yeast problem.

This issue is serious and can make your dog very uncomfortable if you don't pay attention to it.

Once you know the signs, it's easy to spot. But, what many dog owners don't know is bouts of yeast-related discomfort can start in the gut.

If there are too many bad bugs in your dog’s gut and not enough good ones, it can affect their immune response. The immune system is like the body's defence mechanism against invaders such as seasonal allergens.

When the immune system is strong, it can help maintain normal yeast levels. But, if the immune system is affected by an imbalanced gut, it can lead to yeast flare ups.

As a result, yeast can grow more than it should, and spread all over their body, fast. This is what causes your dog's ears, paws and skin to get occasionally itchy, smelly, and uncomfortable.

The thing is, there's an easy way to help with a special kind of soft chew. We're talking about Absolut Pet's Probiotic Support Chews that get to the root cause.

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about these chews that's making every dog owner want them?

Absolut Pet's Probiotic Support Chews rocketed into the market in 2019 and immediately started making waves on social media. Today, Absolut Pet is one of the fastest-growing pet supplement companies having impacted the lives of over 3 million dogs and counting.

Below are some of Absolut Pet's Probiotic Support Chews game-changing benefits that make them an absolute no-brainer for dog parents.

Probiotic Chews help balance the natural bacteria in your dog's gut.

These tasty morsels contain 2 powerful probiotic strains designed to deliver good bugs to balance out the bad bugs in the gut. Plus, they include beneficial prebiotics to supercharge those good bugs to work their best.


They help with pollen, dust and environmental irritants

If your dog scratches, licks, sneezes or shakes in spring or summer… the root cause may be an overactive immune response. 

It can mistake seasonal pollen and dust as unwanted invaders, and target your dog's skin by accident, causing irritation. Sadly, most ways to help seasonal discomfort often miss this root cause and only mask the issues instead.

The potent blend of prebiotics and probiotics within the soft chews supports proper gut health. A healthy gut is what supports a proper immune function that’s less likely to overreact to seasonal allergens.

And can even help boost their mood

Many dog owners notice when their pets seem off: they're less playful, more irritable, or not their usual selves. What many don't know is that this change in mood could be tied to their gut health.

Scientists have discovered that the gut and the brain "talk" to each other through a special pathway, called the gut-brain axis. 

When your dog’s gut is not balanced right, it can make them feel sad or anxious because their brain isn’t getting the right messages.

The special probiotics in Absolut Pet's Probiotic Support Chews can help the gut talk to the brain better. This means your dog’s mood can get better because their gut health is getting the help it needs.

Your dog will thank you after just weeks of taking the chews - just like Dixy (pictured below)

"she's not shaking her head as much or scratching at her ear with her paw"


The Probiotic Chews have been a massive hit in the pet world and changed the lives of countless dogs globally.

Given these amazing results, please remember that these probiotics aren't a quick fix for infections or major skin issues. If your dog has health problems, they need to visit a vet.

But, if you want to support a healthy gut, for comfortable skin and overall health, this probiotic supplement is essential.

What pet parents have to say...

Billions of 'good' bacteria in one soft chew

  • Supports & balances dog's gut

  • Improves overall health

  • Better immunity


Her scratching has disappeared

“She Was Constantly Scratching Her Head And When She Scratched Her Ear, She Was Scratching It So Much That She Was Hollering.”

David Alaba

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“So I Saw This Ad On Facebook For Probiotics By Absolut Pet. After Just One Month On The Chews She Doesn't Shake Her Head Nearly As Much.”

So excited to try the whole supplement range.

Serena Gon

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my dogs feel 3 years younger

“I have 2 older (11 & 12) Australian Shepards and they both were having tummy troubles. We started them on the Probiotic Chews and have noticed a real difference in their everyday behavior and no more tummy troubles.”

Rosie T

Verified Buyer

Great product! I'll be subscribing soon

“My pup has struggled for years with food allergy, skin and gastrointestinal. On a chance I elected to try Pet lab probiotics. It's been a game changer for him. He is more active he ' good. Oh and he loves them.”

Anna Chirstin

Verified Buyer

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Billions of'good' bacteria in one soft chew

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